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Jagex Account järjestelmä (tulossa)

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Mikä on Jagex Account?

Jagex Account tulee korvaamaan nykyiset tunnukset jossain kohtaa ja tuo paremman passu/recovery yms muut jutut nykyaikaan (vanha on jo 20v vanha)


Will you support YubiKey for 2FA?
The Jagex Account system is designed for us to easily add multiple different methods of MFA (Multi Factor Authentication), YubiKey and other FIDO2 implementations are being considered, but we do not have a timeline for this quite yet.

Will Jagex accounts require a new MFA setup?
The Jagex Account App TOTP based MFA (e.g. Google Authenticator) is a separate integration to the version used on RuneScape. When setting this up, you will be provided with 10 backup codes which can be used as your second factor should you lose access to your authenticator device for any reason. These backup codes will only be shown to you once so make sure you record them safely and securely, and each backup code can only be used once, so are not a permanent replacement for your MFA device. The existing RuneScape MFA service does not have back-up codes, and when you wish to migrate your RuneScape character into the Jagex Account you will need to log into that RuneScape character first and enter your MFA details as usual, with whatever you originally set up on that character. Once migrated, those MFA details will no longer be used, and you will use your Jagex Account MFA details instead.

It sounds quiet spammy to get email on each log in, will it be?
As the launcher remembers your account, the number of times you will need to log in should be limited. The email alert is there to notify you of a new login, usually we expect this to be a new device of some kind.

Does the new system support Oauth for 3rd party fan site authentication?
At launch, there is no way for OAuth2 credentials to be safely shared outside of Jagex owned systems (i.e., publicly). This is definitely something that’s being thought about, watch this space for plans in this area.

Will we run some extra campaign to support a strong password?
We believe that with the new Jagex account creation process, this is not necessary. The system enforces a much stronger password by default

Will the remembered sessions bypass your 2FA similar to how mobile/Steam logins can?
Yes, the session token will not need 2FA every time you log in. Your second authentication mechanism will be required when you need to enter your credentials: either for a new device or when the session token has expired/does not exist.

If you link 1 ''character'' email to the Jagex Account, can you still change the name of account for that account even it has the same email than the character?
Character Names, Jagex account display names and the Jagex account login email address are completely separate from each other. You can change the Jagex display name and the verified login email address through the Jagex account management page. Changing the email address will require you to verify the new email address. The functionality to change your RuneScape character name remains as it is currently.

If someone adds a hijacked character to a Jagex account, what happens?
Player Support will have tools available to assist in cases where RuneScape accounts are hijacked and imported to the wrong Jagex account. Once the correct owner of the character has been verified, they will be able to import it to their own Jagex account.

Each account is a separate attack vector, so you are planning on limiting the attack vectors down to 1, and secure it more than it currently is?
Perfectly correct. We reduce the attack vectors to one and make it more secure. We will also remove human judgement to the account recovery system.

Will Jagex accounts be able to be used in conjunction with password managers?
We encourage all players to make use of a password manager. When logging in to our games on mobile and the RS / OS websites you will be able to use the auto-fill functionality of your password manger to easily access your account. We’re also exploring if we can support this in the Jagex Launcher but that will not be a feature we have when Jagex accounts are released.

Should the player identity be secure? or will it be shared? referring to the Jagex account name.
The Jagex Account Name is the name we will use when communicating with you. It’s not meant to be a secret and isn’t used to log in or to recover your account. Your login credentials are the verifiable email address and the strong password, and these should be secure. Never share your password with anyone, and no one from Jagex will ever ask you to.

What is the full password policy for Jagex Accounts?
We base our password scoring on the Zxcvbn Library (https://github.com/dropbox/zxcvbn) and the minimum password length must be 8 characters (with maximum set to 64). Any symbols, combination of numbers and capital letters are allowed, but the password must meet a minimum strength 3 (out of a possible 4) according to Zxcvbn, and we will inform you when you’re registering your account if your password is not meeting requirements.

Would we ever get a 'Do not allow recovery' option on the character level?
What about recovery requests, that is how most get hacked?

Characters that are imported to a Jagex account will no longer be recoverable using the RuneScape account recovery system. You’ll be able to choose which security features are enabled on your account. By default, log in verification and recovery is possible with access to your email. You can choose to switch to app-based MFA, which will require the code from the app or one of the backup codes provided when you set it up to remove.

Account management

Does an account with an RS3 and OSRS profile take 1 slot or 2?
1 slot: a single Character slot is used for both games. So, 10 character-slots let you have 10 characters in each game. 20 Characters in total.

Can friends list, interfaces, etc. be shared through all account characters or will these remain individual?
These will remain individual to the character for now. Watch this space for future functionality in this area.... possibly.

Can a character be linked to two separate Jagex accounts?

Will we be able to log into multiple characters at once?
Yes, the launcher lets you run multiple game clients simultaneously. Simply choose a different character for each client and you can play them at the same time.

Will I be able to have multiple Jagex accounts simultaneously logged into the launcher?
At launch we are not looking to support logging into the Launcher with multiple Jagex Accounts, the point of the Jagex account is that you will never need more than one. If you’ve run out of character slots, tell us! We’re looking for feedback on whether the number of slots we’re offering is correct for most players.

Will other players be able to see all the RS account names in your Jagex Account?
At launch this is not something we are looking at supporting, in-fact at launch there will be no way for any other RuneScape player to know what your Jagex Account name is, unless you tell them, and there will be nowhere for them to “search” that name on the website or the game. All RuneScape systems where you enter a character display-name will continue to work as normal

Will RuneCoins be shared by characters in the same Jagex Account?
No, as per all items purchased, they are bought for the Character and will remain tied to the character in question.

Do the Jagex Account display names have to be globally unique?
No. We will append a random number (#Discord style) at the end of your Jagex display name. So, the name you give yourself does not have to be unique.

Will Jagex accounts require one membership per Character?
All purchases including memberships, are made at the Character level. As such it is one membership per character for both games.

Will forum ID be character level or player level based?
It will be character level. When you log in you do so with your Jagex Account and then choose the character you wish to use to access all website functionality with. This applies to the forums, HiScore tables, the Shop, etc.

Can the jagex account name be changed if you want to?
The Jagex account name can be changed in the Account Management page.

So, there is no way to open the client without going through launcher UI first?
The launcher will be required to play on desktop using a Jagex account. We are interested to know if there are any improvements that we could make to the experience of getting into games via the launcher. Please try it now by downloading the launcher from https://www.jagex.com/launcher and let us know what you think.

Will the launcher support multiple game windows?
Yep. This is one of the key player benefits of the launcher and new account system. Login once and play all your characters simultaneously without having to log in to each one individually.

Will “iron” status be finalized directly in the client?
Iron man status is a character level status and will continue to be added as normal when you play the game with that character for the first time.

A lot of people run RuneScape on two separate computers, because one computer either does not have screen space, or resource power to run multiple characters. As RuneScape client requirements increase, this becomes more likely for more people. Better to restrict multiple launches to originating IP (same location) than same computer (HWID)
You can use your Jagex account on multiple computers at the same time. Providing you choose a different character when playing on each computer you will be able to play both characters at the same time.

Are sanctions such as a mute or a ban applied at the account or character level?
At launch, sanctions will continue to be applied at the character level. We will review this policy over time as usage of the system increases. We do foresee the need for this to be implementable at the Jagex account level in some circumstances. Player Support will have the ability to do this at launch if needed.

Accojen linkitys

How will this work with Steam or Twitch linking?
At launch, Steam and Twitch (Amazon Prime) linking will continue to operate at the character level. This also applies to your other identity providers as well (Apple sign-in, Google Sign-in and Game Center). This means that if you choose those methods to log in, you will access the character that it’s linked to, but only that character. You will have to log directly into your Jagex Account to gain access to the other characters. With regards to Prime Gaming rewards, the rewards will continue to be applied to the character that your Amazon account is linked with, not every character under the Jagex account. We are currently investigating the linkage of a Jagex account to a 3rd party identity covering all characters on that account. More on this topic in a future update.

Will the launcher have any sensitive info that can accidently be streamed on things like twitch?
Similarly, to the game client, we do not recommend logging into the Launcher for the first time on stream, as this process will ask for your email address, which is information you are not likely to want to share with members of the public you don’t know. Subsequent uses of the launcher (provided you play regularly within a 30-day period) will not prompt you to log in again and will simply remember your session from last time. The recommendation will be to log into the launcher for the first-time off stream, then subsequent streams show you using your remember session instead. The launcher UI itself only shows publicly known information or information not considered sensitive, such as your Characters’ display names or your Jagex Account name (neither of which are used to log in).

Can player name and character name be the same

Is there some type of authentication when linking characters?
To import an existing character, you need to be able to log in to it. This requires that you know the login and password and can provide the RS Authenticator code if it’s enabled on the account.

Mac support

Will Jagex accounts be available for both mac and pc?
Yes, the launcher is already available for both macOS and Windows from https://www.jagex.com/launcher . Jagex accounts are not restricted to any specific operating system.

Linux support

Will there be support for Linux?
There will not be launcher support for Linux directly. We will offer a recommendation as to the best emulator to use.


Does this affect RuneLite users?
Nope, all RuneLite players have access to RuneLite through the launcher right now. The Jagex account won’t affect this and will continue to work seamlessly.


How does it work together with mobile?
When logging in on mobile using a Jagex account, you’ll see an extra screen to choose which character to use for that session. That character will be remembered by the game, so you do not need to log in again if you want to keep using it for future game sessions. If you want to switch characters, you’ll need to log out and log in again, choosing the other character you want to use. We are aware this isn’t ideal and will be working to improve it once Jagex accounts are available to players.

Can you play on a mobile phone whilst playing on a pc using to the same Jagex account?
Jagex Accounts can be logged into Mobile and Desktop at the same time. Obviously, you will not be able to play the same character simultaneously on different devices. It will enable you to play two different characters simultaneously though.
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